First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations

To understand the significance and ambitions of life, traveling is quite essential. Are you looking for First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations?

There are so many places in world travel, and it is a wonderful book to analyze. People who are not found to travel have a single chance to flip through the adventures.

Take a chance to have a lovely adventure of life entirely. Sneak a droplet from nature to absorb the beauty of the world. The experience of traveling will leave you amazed.

Sometimes it seems frightening for a women traveler to explore the whole world alone. And it is hard to decide as a solo female traveler. The best way to live the dreams is solo traveling but for these dreams you need some important essentials for travelling. Essentials like warm clothes, Good shoes etc. While travelling you can also suffer from any kind of foot problem because obviously you have to walk a lot in travel. so we have gathered the Best Shoes For Foot Pain specially for women’s.

Break out of your comfort zone and go on a world tour. It starts an adventurous life.

Before starting traveling, collect information about the amazing sites of the world. Stop worrying and enjoy your happy journey. Are you wanting to travel but scared of how to take the next step? To forget all the worries, read this guide, and start traveling.

Here is the list of 12 safest destinations for a solo female traveler:

12 Best Travel Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

The statistical data of the best and safest countries in the world based on GPI determines how safest these countries are? Some other crucial factors are social security, political stability, violence level.

If you want to travel alone to explore the world’s natural beauty, take a bit of research to find the safest and peaceful places. According to my research and interest, the top 10 destinations for a traveler in the world are the following:



Surprisingly, the Land of smiles is the world’s best place to explore. It is easy to travel and a peaceful place full of delicious adventures. Multiple flights from the whole world land daily in the country’s capital, Bangkok, including solo female travelers, retirees, and tour groups to enjoy the country’s epic.

I am recommending Thailand because 35 million people traveled last year. There are so many things to sites such as gorgeous islands for scuba divers. After ending your loving journey in Thailand, you can easily travel to other countries by train or plane.

If you are interested to know ancient history, then Ayutthaya is the perfect destination for you.



A mind-boggling place to travel in Malaysia. Before venturing the other countries in the world, visit the most developed country in Southeast Asia. You will never face a communication problem as Malaysia is a multicultural country and native people speak English fluently.

Participate in the country’s local events and visit all the sites such as mountains, beaches, and small towns of Malaysia. It could be a perfect choice to explore the wonders of the world. Malaysia is famous for the Petronas tower and Mount Kinabalu so, have a glance at these sites.



Japan is the cleanest and 9th safest country in the world. According to the global per index (GPI), japan is a secure country for a female solo traveler. The native people are friendly, helpful, and polite, and speaks English.

You can visit major cities such as Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Kyoto. Analyze the beaten path places, cosmopolitan cities, and the dazzling landscape of japan. Do not miss traveling to temples and shrines in Kyoto.

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The 35th safest and glittering country in the world with a comparatively low sin rate and violence. I feel it is the safest place to travel, but I am astonished why the GPI statistic is not rated in the top 10 safest countries.

You can witness the natural landscape in Kenting and Hualien. And eat the best food items in the metropolitan cities. One of the attractive countries has low travel rates as compared to others. Make sure to include Taiwan in the list of your itinerary.

The most visited places in Taiwan are Kinmen island, Kenting national park, and Taroko national park.



For 11 consecutive years, Iceland has had a rating of a peaceful place in the world. Start your journey from the city of Reykjavik to witness the blue lagoon and golden circles. The local transport system in the country is pretty cheap.

There are no language barriers. People speak English and are so friendly. The country has a small population, and almost everyone is trustworthy as you can go to the grocery shop without locking your car.

Put your worries aside, and have a fun trip to Iceland. Explore the beauty of Iceland by visiting Retreat spa, Gullfoss fall, and Thingvellir national park.



Australia is at the 13th number in the world’s buttoned-up countries. Continue your journey from Melbourne and then move towards Sydney and explore other beautiful cities. And must have a one day trip to Brisbane.

You can visit all the places in Australia on a low budget. The beautiful island in Australia is Fraser Island and Whitsunday island. It’s home to the most diversified and landscape wildlife, so do not limit yourself and explore its beauty.

Also, see UNESCO Heritage sites, museums, and the magnificent culture of Australia. Some other places famous among travelers are the Daintree rainforest, cradle mountain, great ocean road, and Bondi beach of Sydney.

New Zealand

New Zealand2020

It is the 2nd safest place to visit, and 3.8 million people visited the country last year. Many travelers decide to have a permanent residency here. In my priority list, you can start your visit from Auckland’s city and then move to Queenstown.

Meet the kiwis (native people of New Zealand) and enjoy their culture. Have a look at the natural and unbelievable landscape of NewZealand. Enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities on a solo trip.

You can enjoy nature with wildlife animals like sheep and the best food items like Manuka Honey and Kiwifruit. Visit the mount cook national park of NewZealand.


The 4th safest and affordable traveler destination in Europe as the accommodation, food, and transportation is pretty cheap. It is an ideal place to explore. Portuguese fluently speaks English, and you will experience an easy to talk journey here.

The narrow hilly streets of Lisbon city love. The Sinatra, Cascia, and Coimbra are perfect cities to visit.

To enjoy the vibes of small-town charm and wine tasting, consider Portugal as the best for the First Time Solo Female Travel Destination. Must witness the beauty of the most beautiful beach Praia da Marinha and Cascia’s coastal resort.


To enjoy the Scandinavian culture, visit Denmark. All the Scandinavian countries ranked as the safest countries in the Global peace index. Norway is the happiest country on this planet I have ever seen.

You will find all the people are friendly, good looking, and cooperative. These countries are famous for their hospitality. Must visit the royal opera house to see the high-quality architect of the country. Denmark is renowned for its art arcades.



The 6th peaceful, safest, and welcoming country in the world is Canada. All travelers find it perfect for traveling. If you are a solo female traveler, put your worries aside and enjoy a trip to Canada.

Feel safe and protected here and experience the multi-culture of Canada. I found Downtown is the most appropriate place to lead a happy life. The other beautiful cities, such as Vancouver, Calgary, and Quebec City, are incredibly amazing.

Also, visit the national parks in Canada, such as jasper national park of Canada. The other places to visit in Canada are Banff, Niagara Falls, Montreal, and Prince Edward Island.


The island city-state and 8th safest place to travel alone. It is the most developed and westernized country in the world. Singapore is a safe, pure, and pristine country. Singaporeans can speak four languages, including English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.

The most visited places by other travelers are Marina bay sands, Singapore zoo, the botanic garden of Singapore, raffles hotel, and Chinatown. Sentosa is one of the loveliest places to visit.



It is included in the most picturesque countries in the world. The admirable and beautiful places to visit are the troubled mountain, swiss fondue, swiss treats, swiss villages, and cable car mountains.

Bern gets the rank of most good and stunning architecture display in the world. It is an absolute place for blooming adventuresome, female solo travelers and retirees. Enjoy the swiss culture and explore a new world of happiness.

Where will you like to go for your first solo tour?

Whether you have visited the world before or deciding to have a world tour must stay in these countries. Take a travel guide with you, and ensure exploring the world carefully. Here you will meet with the most fabulous women in the world.

I hope this guide proves useful for First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations. I found these places best and perfect for the female traveler.

Be aware and follow all the precautions thoroughly and ensure a safe tour. Accept the challenges of life, be confident, and build a strong friendship among other adventurous female travelers.

Have a safe journey ahead!


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First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations

To understand the significance and ambitions of life, traveling is quite essential. Are you looking for First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations?

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