How To Pack Baby Clothes For Travel – A Guide To Travel Light

Are you a passionate traveler and want to explore the beauty of the world? Or are you at the airport with your newly born infant? I know you are thinking about How To Pack Baby Clothes For Travel. No worries, I am here to assist you.

Traveling with a baby is not quite stout as you are thinking. I have encountered a couple of families who loves to travel and never hesitate to take their babies with them. Traveling with a baby has some unique challenges. Are you up for it to travel with your cute baby?

Your packing depends upon your place of stay and how long will you stay there? Visiting with a family needs different requirements.

When I was traveling with my better-half and child, packing was a big deal for me. Before having a child, no one can think that baby will affect sex life, sleep schedule, and social life.

If you took your packing right, it would be an unforgettable journey. The key to your stress-free traveling lies in pre-planning and working in a team (with your hubby). Only a single step can lead you on an unpleasant journey.

Hey ladies, ignore all those rumors you can enjoy your traveling after having a child. You have to focus on all the aspects of post-baby traveling. Here, I will share some pre-planning tips with you.

Where to start packing?

So there is so much stuff you have to pack. Take a long breath and be relax. The initial step in packing is to figure out your actual needs. Packing is an overwhelming process as you have to pack all the daily use accessories of your baby.

You can break your packing into the following three steps:

  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Baby stuff
  • How to carry all the stuff to the airport?

One of the most crucial steps is to take all the accessories to the airport. If you didn’t notice this one, it would bring an unpleasant experience.

When Can A Baby Safely Travel?


If you are traveling through an airline, must check their policies. All the airlines have different policies for a baby traveling. Some allow two days infant to travel while others allow two weeks.

Before having a flight, consult with the baby doctor whether her/his immune system is developed or not. The most recommended time for baby traveling is between 3 – 6 months.

You can take fewer road trips before a long flight. It would be a great idea to prepare your baby for international flights.

How To Pack Baby Clothes For Travel?

baby cloth packing

Hey ladies, are you worried about How To Pack Baby Clothes For Travel? No worries, I am traveling with my child for more than three years. I am going to share few tips for packing with you.

Check The Weather:

It is one of the most crucial steps to check the weather of your destination. In this way, you will know which type of clothes you need. You can check the weather condition at Remember to check the weather forecast for 10 days.

Do The Laundry:

You have to spend your one day in the laundry. Wash all your baby clothes. It ensures that you can pack all your and your baby’s clothes well.

Plan For Wardrobe:

Now it’s time to move towards the wardrobe. After checking the weather, you can pack a wardrobe for each person. You can make a plan on paper. For example, you can note down the pair of pants, socks, shirts, pajamas, etc.

Roll Everything:

rolled up clothes

Finally, you have to pack your baby’s wardrobe. Roll each and everything. Yup, you get it right, everything. Roll your baby’s pants and shirts tightly.

Choose A Suitcase:

Pick up your favorite suitcase. Let’s start packing. You can choose a rectangle suitcase as it has enough space. A rectangular suitcase is easy to carry and move.

Pack Your Baby Suitcase:

Start your packing by packing shoes. Then put other heavy items such as jeans and shirts into the suitcase. Put all the tightly rolled clothes at the bottom of the suitcase and shoes at the edge.

I have some extra tips for you. If you have long shoes, you can pack your baby’s clothes in them. Try to utilize all the space of your suitcase. You can put your baby’s socks and gloves in the top pocket of the suitcase.

Plan Your Carry On:

I know you have packed your suitcase. Now, start packing your carry-on. You can choose a pack for the long trip with the baby. If you have a backpack with several compartments, you can utilize them.

Choose a carry on with bellow compartments:

  • Personal items
  • Baby items
  • Activities
  • Solid baby food

If you put all items separately, you can grab them quickly. An efficient bag packing will allow you to move efficiently with your infant.

Is It Safe To Pack Baby Diaper and Food?

baby and diapers

Let me tell you. There is no need to pack bundles of baby diapers. You can purchase the diapers and baby wipes from anywhere. If you are traveling alone with your baby, you can make a stop at your destination to bring diapers.

You have to put only a few diapers in your carry. Diapers take too much space in the suitcase.

Oh! Carrying baby food from a security check is quite painful. After having 14 flights with my young one, I have learned this tactic. Just focus on some convenient food to carry. Yogurt bites and teething biscuits work best and easy to carry.

Dry snacks and fruits never bring any trouble. You can buy your baby’s favorite diet from anywhere. Are you ready to get your baby diapers from your destination?

Minimalist Baby Traveling Packing List

Baby and Mother

If you have packed all your clothes, look at this minimalist of baby packing. Don’t panic about How To Pack Baby Clothes For Travel.

  • Baby carrier
  • Extra clothes (mom, dad, and baby)
  • Extra slings
  • Toys
  • Blanket for baby
  • Pacifier clip
  • Ziplock bag
  • Trash bag
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baby wipes
  • Stroller – optional
  • Carseat

Further, you can add some snacks and solid food if your baby can eat solids. I know no one wants to carry organic food pouches, but you can make some actual food for traveling. A stroller/car seat is optional as if you have a baby boy you don’t need it.

For The Suitcase

Wait, have you checked your suitcase? Never forget to check the baby suitcase before going to the airport.

  • Baby sunscreen (for a sunny day)
  • Breast pump (to release breast pressure)
  • Glass Bottles (for serving milk)
  • Nose Aspirator
  • Medical supplies
  • Baby sleep sack
  • Baby clothes
  • Few diapers and wipes (only a few, don’t take bundles)

Tips For Traveling With A Baby

Baby packing

Let’s have a look at the strategy to pack luggage of young ones for a long week trip:

Packing In Layers:

Are you up for your first flight with your baby? Before going, you have to analyze the weather condition of your destination. If there is a cold temperature, pack up your wool clothes.

When I was packing my baby outfit, I packed those clothes that can prevent him/her from the cold morning.

Summer outfits include:

  • Romper
  • T-shirts
  • Lightweight jeans
  • Convertible shorts
  • Socks
  • Sweater

Packing In Plastic:

Pack your clothes in a ziplock bag. When there is no clean place and all your outfit is dirty, you can bring your fine dress from zipping lock. Baby’s clothes become dirtier after some time. So you have to prepare for it.

It is a great idea to pack baby clothes in plastic bags. Even you are not having a trip to the black sandy desert. Few advantages of plastic bag packing are:

  • Quick wardrobe change
  • Easy to transfer
  • Paired tops & shorts
  • Safe & solid clothes

You can carry smaller and larger bags as per your child’s age. Before putting baby clothes into a bag, suck all the air out.

What Tips Would You Add To This Baby Packing list?

Hopefully, all these tips and quick check-ins will help you to pack your baby’s clothes. Traveling with a baby is not quite difficult as you were thinking. However, if you don’t have much experience of traveling, you can utilize these tips.

Don’t feel any trouble about How To Pack Baby Clothes For Travel. Book your tickets and visit gorgeous places in the world.

When will you explore the world of beauty with your cute baby?

Wait a minute, if this post is helpful for you, you can appreciate my efforts by adding your tips. Are you ready to add your experience to my list?

Fiza Arooj
Fiza Arooj is WordPress blogger and Author at Mytravelon. She loves to travel and share her amazing experience with audience.


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