How To Travel With a Dog Without a Car? Traveling With Pet

Have you ever wondered to know how to travel with a dog without a car? The majority of pet owners think that car is crucial to travel. Traveling with a dog is not miserable.

In these times where owning a car is not a piece of cake. Along with the car, you have to bear the expenses of fuel, insurance, etc. That is why many people move towards cost-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation like public transports or bicycles.

You may be wondering to know how to travel with a dog without a car? Let me tell you the ways which can help you in getting rid of this problem.

Here are some solutions.

Travel With a Dog Without a Car:

Do you love having the company of pets while traveling? What if you do not own a car? 

You can travel within a city, within a country, or out of the country. Traveling with a four-legged member can be hectic when you are not in a personal car, and the distance is too long.

You can choose an alternative way to enjoy your journey with your beloved dog. 

Transportation Within a City

Get a Bicycle Cart: 


Bicycles cart can work for your furry child – a dog.

Dogs get too close to their human owners that they cannot leave them alone for even an hour. If you want to go to a nearby venue then you have to carry your dog with you. A solution to this is that you can ride a bicycle with a backpack carrier or a bicycle cart. Usually, dogs of small size can fit in these carriers and carts. Riding a bicycle can help you in two ways:

I.  Having a company of a dog.

II. An effective cardio for your health.

Electric scooters with custom carriers are also an alternate to use for dogs if someone cannot afford the expenses of a car. 

Use a Cab or Taxi: 

You have to leave home urgently for work within a city dog will not allow you to move alone. What will you do? Well, do not sweat! You can call for a cab or taxi.

Before this, It will be good to ask the rider about taking a dog on a ride in advance. It will be a perfect idea as some drivers might say no as they would be uncomfortable with them.

Public Transport: 


If you live in a city where there is the availability of public transport near our house,  why should you need a car to go somewhere?

People always adore cute and beautiful things, and when it comes to pets, most people can not endure saying, Oh my God, How cute. People in public will not resist you in taking your pet along with you in public transport.

However, some people are allergic to pets. Public transport is another good option but makes sure to keep your pet in your lap or on the floor and keep your dog calm. Some dogs can bark at someone in a public place or on transport, and it will be a source of embarrassment for the owner. 

You should know how to keep your dogs and pets calm. 

Also, you should try to figure out if our dog size is enough to carry on public transport.

No worries! If you can not travel on public transport with your pet.

Call a Friend:

One of the most preferable ways to travel with your puppy will be to ask a friend. Your friend may drop you at your destination.

Ah! Never forget to ask your friend whether or not he will carry your pet. It will be a great source to enjoy the company of your friend.

Domestic & International Travel

Take a Flight


You can not go out of the country without a plane or a ship. If you are going for long days, you can take your pet with you on a flight. Make sure to book only those flights that allow pets. Some flights do not allow pets or dogs to travel.

It is advisable to read their rules and regulations before going on the flight. Before taking the flight, check all the essential things to take with you like towels, wipes for the dog, medicines of the dog, etc. 

While traveling with a dog, you should make sure to keep the size of your dog in mind as small pets can be adjusted in the cabin, and you can hold them in a carrier or keep an eye on them.

If the dog is substantial, you can use other ways like cargo. However, it will be utterly risky for dog health. It is not a problem at all with the right & accurate preparations.

Get a Train Ticket:


Another good option to travel with a dog without a car will be traveling on the train. Trains usually allow dogs, but here are some rules and regulations as well. Small-sized dogs can travel with you but within their carrier. In this way, they will be considered carry-on luggage. 

Dogs that do not fit the criteria of small dogs are allowed. You have to pay an extra ticket fee for your dog too. Some trains also require a reservation of a dog. There is also a limit on how many dogs you can take with you. Usually, you can take five dogs per train.

Quick Checklist:


1) Towels while traveling with dogs. 

2) Baby Wipes to keep your dog and the place clean. 

3) Backpack for pets to carry them.

4) Vaccination or medicines of your pet for emergencies.

The Bottom Line

Owning a pet does not mean you have to own a car as well. You can figure out the super option to travel with a dog without a vehicle. However, it requires few minutes to plan your journey before leaving home.

When will you travel with your puppy to enjoy?

Fiza Arooj
Fiza Arooj is WordPress blogger and Author at Mytravelon. She loves to travel and share her amazing experience with audience.



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